Experts in Shipping Cars, Trucks, and Other Vehicles to Africa

Transporting cars and vehicles to different countries poses a number of logistical problems, while it is often extremely expensive. At Speedcargo To Africa, we provide efficient car and vehicle shipping services from the UK to Africa. Using the world’s premier shipping lines and 20ft and 40ft containers or roll-on roll-off car shipping vessels, we ship cars, trucks, vans, and various other vehicles. We operate container loading facilities at all UK ports, and can arrange for your vehicle to be collected and delivered to the port of departure and then shipped to any main port in Africa. For a vehicle shipping quote, please give our helpful team a call.

Send All Types of Cars to Africa

Are you planning a big move and you want to bring your car and personal or business possessions with you? We have the cheapest solution for car shipping to Africa and offer a streamlined service that will simplify your big move. We go that extra mile for your convenience and offer a pick-up service. This involves us transporting cars from your home, office, or any dealership to one of our UK shipping ports. Speedcargo To Africa is registered in England and is a specialist in shipping cars, vans, trucks, and 4x4s to Africa. To get your car shipped to anywhere in Africa, contact us now.

Send All Types of Trucks to Africa

Speedcargo To Africa offers the largest shipping service for trucks to Africa. Most of the truck exporters in the UK trust us for our experience and expertise in the procedure, something that sets us apart from the rest. We deal in transportation of all kinds of trucks from the UK to the various docks of Africa, with the highest levels of support and assistance being provided as standard. Our cargo experts are here to help in the UK as well as all over Africa. We handle everything for our clients, including the completion of documentation, and with us you can ship and export trucks to Africa without any hassle. For the cheapest online quote on truck shipping to Africa, contact us now.

RoRo Shipping Service for Vehicles to Africa

There are many reasons as to why you might want your vehicle to be shipped to Africa; perhaps you are moving there, or the shipping is solely for commercial purposes. Whatever your plans or purpose, there are some important things to arrange and organise, and some key points to consider in order for a smooth and hassle-free shipment to take place. We take the utmost care when it comes to roll-on roll-off shipping to Africa, and we enforce many security measures. This includes ensuring the tyres can’t move because they are securely fixed in the metal protector, and that the metal protectors under the motorcycles are locked into place with the ship’s deck to prevent slipping and sliding when out to sea. One of the requirements to complete roll-on roll-off (RoRo) shipping is that the vehicle has to be able to start on its own. We have to be able to drive it up the ramp. As a professional international shipping company, Speedcargo To Africa goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of your consignment.

Send All Types of Buses to Africa

Speedcargo To Africa offers special rates on bus shipping to Africa. Because we value our customers, each of them receives a personal, one-to-one, stress-free service. Get in touch with us via telephone or email to discover more about our bus shipping to Africa. We ensure your ease, pleasure, and convenience, and provide 24/7 customer service to keep you in the loop. Our tracking service allows you to know exactly where your consignment is.

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