An Array of Freight Forwarding and Container Shipping Services

When you have a large load that needs shipping to Africa, we are the company to call. Speedcargo To Africa is a leading international shipping company based in the UK. We offer a variety of services, including freight forwarding and container shipping. As a company, we supply excellent rates as well as dedicated customer service. To accommodate loads of different sizes, we provide shipping in various types of containers, including:

Send 40ft Containers from the UK to Africa

Speedcargo To Africa presents 40ft container shipping from the UK to Africa. We know the commercial needs of our valuable customers vary, therefore we go that extra mile to fulfil your specific shipping needs. Our 40ft container shipping service was introduced to satisfy the commercial needs of our business customers. This unique service has huge cost benefits for business people. You can send anything in bulk, ranging from office equipment to automobiles, with this exclusive 40ft container shipping service. You will find the cheapest shipping deals online with us. Alternatively, you can contact us to book your load on the next available shipment to Africa.

Send 20ft Containers from the UK to Africa

Speedcargo To Africa uses many years of experience to offer customised 20ft container shipping services from the UK to Africa. There is a traditional trade route between the UK and Africa, and Speedcargo To Africa realises the need for reliable container shipping services. Our 20ft container shipping service to Africa is exclusively designed to fulfil the unique shipping needs of our customers. We have fool-proof safety and security measures to ensure the perfect delivery of 20ft containers to your desired location in Africa. You also don’t need to worry about shipping cost, as Speedcargo To Africa offers the lowest shipping rates for 20ft container shipping to Africa.

Send Less-Than-Container-Load Shipments to Africa

If you are searching for the cheapest prices on less-than-container-load (LCL) freight shipping to Africa from the UK, you have found the right company. Why let your partial ocean shipment sit at the port for a long time, waiting for more cargo to fill the container? Speedcargo To Africa sends your shipment the moment it is ready. We have excellent sea and air shipping services, running on a weekly basis and saving you both time and money. You can ship all types of goods using our LCL shipping services, from clothes and vehicles to heavy machinery. Our global sea cargo experts will coordinate your LCL shipments from the first step to delivery. Contact us now for the lowest rates on LCL freight shipping from the UK to Africa.

Low-Cost Full Container Load Shipments to Africa

FCL stands for "full container load" and is a term used in the international shipping industry for moving sea cargo. This term is commonly used to describe an international sea freight service that is designed for ocean freight shipments of cargo where an exporter or importer has exclusive use of a dedicated sea freight container, which is normally a 20ft or 40ft container. Contact us for the lowest rates on FCL shipping to destinations throughout Africa from the UK. The team at Speedcargo To Africa ensures that we meet each customer’s special requirements, and we go the extra mile to do so. For free, no-obligation quotes on FCL freight shipping to Africa from the UK, get in touch now.

Cheapest Online Prices on Box Shipping from the UK to Africa

Are you shipping boxes to Africa and can’t find a cost-effective way? Don’t worry - we offer the cheapest online rates on shipping boxes to Africa from the UK. Our expert team knows the ins and outs of shipping boxes to Africa from the UK, so you can rest assured that you get the best advice for the best price. Speedcargo To Africa can also help you move excess baggage, personal belongings, and commercial items all over Africa at an unbeatable price. For further information, or a free no-obligation quote, contact us now.

Cheapest Air Freight Forwarders to Africa from the UK

Not only do we offer the most competitive rates for air freight forwarding, but we also have a UK-based 24/7 customer service team which keeps you in the loop regarding your consignment. Speedcargo To Africa has the best-in-class frequency and transit times. We pride ourselves on not only being able to get you the best and most competitive rates, but also being capable of offering a tailored service from the beginning until the end. Call us now to discuss your air freight forwarding needs to Africa from the UK.

Cheapest Groupage Shipping to Africa from the UK

Groupage shipping is the coadunation of many adaptable shipments into a truck load of cargo going to one country, or one regional area of a country. It is also known as shared shipping, and it involves merging smaller shipments together in one shipping container for logistical purposes. Speedcargo To Africa uses groupage shipping to cargo your personal belongings and excess baggage from the UK to Africa at the most competitive online rates. Call now to speak to a dedicated groupage shipping expert. Speedcargo To Africa also offers other sea freight container services, including LCL and FCL shipments to all ports in Africa.

Cheapest Sea Freight Forwarding to Africa from the UK

Speedcargo To Africa is an international freight specialist offering the sea freight forwarding service to Africa from the UK that is right for you. We offer a bespoke package according to your shipping needs. No shipment is too big, too small, or too difficult for us. Our dedicated customer service advisors help you every step of the way, from start to finish. We believe that we can give you the most cost-effective way of sea freight forwarding to Africa, so call us now to discuss your cargo needs.

Industrial Machinery

Speedcargo To Africa specialises in the shipment of all kinds of industrial and heavy machinery to Africa, including construction equipment of all kinds and all other types of industrial machinery. We ship vehicles, automobiles, yachts, household belongings, machinery, construction equipment, Caterpillar™ machines, excavators, heavy lifting equipment, oil and gas equipment, bulldozers, mining equipment, LNG infrastructure, farm equipment, agriculture equipment, and more to destinations throughout Africa. At Speedcargo To Africa, we can help you determine what is the most economical option for you. We specialise in the exportation of heavy construction, industrial, and farm equipment from the UK to Africa, so contact us now for the cheapest online cargo rates.

Cheapest Barrel Shipping to Africa from the UK

Customers looking for barrel shipping have come to the right place. Speedcargo To Africa has years of experience shipping barrels to destinations throughout Africa from any area of the UK. Our barrel shipping service to Africa saves you time and money. We secure the barrels with strong lids to protect the contents of your shipment. You can ship barrels to Africa by using air and sea cargo, but ocean shipping of these barrels to Africa from the UK is the most cost-effective option. We can collect a barrel from anywhere in the UK and deliver to anywhere in Africa. Contact us now for the cheapest online rates on barrel shipping to Africa.

Lowest Rates on Packing for Your Cargo to Africa

Perfect packing is the first step to a secure and safe international shipping service. Speedcargo To Africa realises the importance of packing, which is why we offer a packing service on your doorstep in the UK. Due to the various items that can be shipped, we pack each load in a different way, ensuring perfect packing of every item. Speedcargo To Africa has strict standards for packing while still offering the lowest rates available. Tell us your packing requirements and one of our packing experts will assist you.

Cardboard Boxes Available in all Sizes for All Your Packing Needs

Speedcargo To Africa can help you with packing materials as well as shipping all kinds of cargo, excess baggage, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and personal belongings. We supply boxes, cardboard boxes, removal boxes, storage boxes, package boxes, and archive boxes. With delivery all over the UK, and strong double-walled packing boxes, we offer the most secure packaging for your valuables. Get in touch now for the lowest rates on shipping cargo to Africa from the UK.

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